CentOS 7 TopSpin Installation

Preface: We use the CentOS-7.6.1810 release with the KDE Environment

Installation Requirements

TopSpin versions before 4.0 required 32-Bit libraries, which are not installed automatically on RHEL-7  / CentOS-7.

The recommended way to install the required TopSpin runtime environment
for CentOS-7.x86_64 is the Bruker-Addon Repository:

Installation of Bruker-Addon Repository

Then you may install other required packages with yum (the bruker-repo is not enabled per default,
you must add --enablerepo=bruker to the command line)

The next step is to enable the EPEL repository, if not already done:

Now you can install the TopSpin environment:

for a spectrometer PC the follwoing package is required: 

If you open a new shell window the alias yumb is available as shortcut for 'yum --enablerepo=bruker'

View Repository Infos

Installation Caveats

Default network assignment is not supported by the Flexlm Licence Manager (Topspin 3.5 and older only)

The default network interface names are something like 'eno1' / 'ens1' or 'enp0s3' , which are not detected by the flexlm library. 'lmhostid' returns an empty string.

You may install the bruker-network-service which will create the required eth0 as IP link on each reboot. The link is set to the default device ens1.

If you use or want a other device, e.g. eno1, * either copy and edit the config file /usr/lib/systemd/system/topspin-network.service and change --device=ens1 to --device=eno1

* or reinstall FlexLM from the TopSpin DVD and specify eno1 when asked for a network interface name for the License Manager.

Warning: The default kernel 3.10.0-123-*.el7 series in the older CentOS-7 can't be used

KB Item #11961 -- topspin does not start on computers with Linux kernel 3.10 - 3.13 due to: 

https://bugzilla.redhat.com : Bug 1042807 - system call msgrcv() freom 32-bit application shows error: msgrcv: No message of desired type
http://bugs.centos.org: Bug 007099: system call msgrcv() from 32-bit application shows error: msgrcv: No message of desired type

Therefore we do not recommend CentOS-7.0 for TopSpin Installation.

In the CentOS-7.1.1503 release this bug is fixed.